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Instead of being crazy over the coolness of those fools in this pv, I’d like to share my random thoughts. It’s not really the theme of the video, tho, because I haven’t read nor find the interview/article discussing this matter.
Those demons attract me more, yes, sorry my shining miso ramen. Once I watch the pv, you’re no longer the center of my attention unlike when I listen to audio-only.
I agree that we have those demons inside us. Demon who closes our eyes, who makes us deaf, who makes us unable to speak up and the one who destroys our humanity by being heartless. Those demons cover our true self up so we became blind, deaf, mute and heartless towards our surroundings and pasts thus it makes us unable to face the new challenge in life. In the end, it’s only our true self that can save us from the destruction.
But don’t misunderstand me. It’s not that I tell you, we can blame these demons for anything wrong in our life. These demons, these bad sides are in us, created by our own minds.

"So what to do? What should we do?"

Fight the demons inside and move on.



So fucking tired… and yet.. I stay awake.

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EXO ft. beanies

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Saw One Ok Rock today. Crazy shit happened.

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Tyler Carter (Issues) & Taka


Tyler Carter (Issues) & Taka

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